z Joystick Adapter JS. Returns/refunds unavailable for parts.

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Parts to attach Warthog joystick to our frame [this is just for the joystick].  You will receive one mounting plate with pole attached (all hardware included, no tools).  





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Thomas 24th Jan 2019

Overall great!

The build quality of the product is great just like the stand. I bought originally the wheel pro stand for the thrustmaster warthog, which having the giant plate to put stuff on wasn't a good fit for me. I researched and saw they had a mount for just the stick and decided that would be much less obtrusive since i like a center mounted stick position between my legs...much more natural. A few qualms I have overall is the mounting plate should be rounded like the warthog bottom so as not to expose the electronics inside the base and the fact its not an option (at least it wasn't when I purchased) when you buy the wheel stand pro specifically made for the warthog. I would have preferred this option much more than having to buy two sets of equipment basically. YMMV but this is way better if you just want a stick mount that can be centered and not have to modify and office chair.

Leonard De Boisbriand 21st Jan 2019

X Parts Joystick Adpater JS review

Built from the same quality material as the Wheel Stand Pro itself. I must agree with the other reviews of this product, however, the plate should be cut round as oppose to square allowing for the concealment and protection of the stick's electronics located in the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog stick's base. Other than that, great product and happy to have it available.

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