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Parts to attach Warthog joystick to our frame [this is just for the joystick].  You will receive one mounting plate with pole attached (all hardware included, no tools).  





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TODD 15th Mar 2022

z-plate upgrade

Not much to mention beyond other reviews. Solid plate allowing more space for my leg after removing the old warthog base-plate which was hitting my leg low due after using an extension tube. I made a circular cover using a thin piece of plastic to cover electronics sandwiching the cover between the z-plate and the warthog stick. Later i thought that electrical tape would have been faster.

Randy King 5th Mar 2022

Z Joystick Adapter JS/Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog Wheel stand

Through much trial and error (having gone through a variety of possible HOTAS mounting configurations and products) I fortunately found my way to the Wheel Stand Pro stand. As I have the TM Warthog HOTAS any support system was going to have to be substantial. With the weight of the HOTAS and ACM applications the challenge was real. Having been disappointed in earlier attempts to find a working solution I found the Wheel Stand Pro. With some apprehension I purchased the stand. I could see the logic behind its construction but tested with hands on would be the final answer. The product shipped promptly. Packaging was very good. All parts, plus extra. The stand went together in a quick, logical manner. All parts were machined to perfection, holes lined up, parts joined perfectly, etc. then, the test. Attaching the Warthog HOTAS. Easy and not the first sign of strain from the stand. To explain further, you set the HOTAS up how you like (ergonomic hands on considerations), and lock things in. After that, nothing budges. The HOTAS tamed, no shake, wobble, just smooth stick and throttle movements. Parts clamp and lock in place. I was suspect of that working at first but found once clamped, it’s locked in, as in, does not budge. This gives you peace of mind while remaining focused on your flight simulation. As for the ergonomics, long stressful flights in flight simulations can produced fatigue. The Wheel Stand Pro offers about every adjusted HOTAS positioning you can imagine. Further adjustments are simply a matter of loosening a clamp or nut. I also purchased the Z Joystick adaptor as the TM Warthog joystick comes with a large substantial base plate which in my case became cumbersome. The Z adaptor removes the need for that plate and opens up multiple new setup configurations for the joystick. My search for the perfect HOTAS support system ended having found the Wheel Stand Pro and Z adapter. I now fly in comfort and easy of mind that my focus remains heads up on on the screen, not worrying about what the support system is doing. The Wheel Pro Stand also is collapsible for storage purpose. If you’re looking for a rock solid support system for a hearty HOTAS rig, look no further. The Wheel Stand Pro provides the perfect solution.

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