Wheel Stand Pro F458 Racing Steering Wheelstand Black Compatible With F458(XBOX 360), F458 Spider (Xbox One),T80, T100, RGT, Ferrari GT and F430 (Black), Logitech Driving Force GT. Wheel and Pedals not included.

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Wheel stand for your Thrustmaster F458, T80, T100, RGT Ferrari GT or F430 racing wheel. Wheel, pedals and shifter mount securely to our wheelstand.




  • The heavy full metal construction supports the most punishing force-feedback settings and keeps the stand and the wheel stable
  • The rubber feet combined with the steel tubes make for a smooth driving experience
  • Our pedals are hard mounted [not just resting on the base], so they will not move when you race [important we think] and they will not fall off and pull the delicate wiring out of your $$$expensive wheel if your significant other moves the stand [again, important we think]. We provide a plate that spans the bottom two rails and three bolts go through this plate and bolts into the pedal assembly which has embedded female counterparts
  • The Thrustmaster F458, Spider, and Ferrari GT Wheel come with imbedded locations that we can bolt into; we provide hardened bolts to secure the wheel to the upper plate || For the F430, no imbeds exist, but the Thrustmaster F430 securely attaches to our mounting plate
  • At Wheel Stand Pro, the highest priority was to maintain a solid base for racing; our stand is the result

Hey, is that pole in the way?

  • No. The stand was designed so that your legs go on either side of the pole. When you switch from the gas to the brake, the natural motion of pivoting on your heel is unobstructed by the pole.

Honey, company is coming

  • As good as we believe this stand looks, it only takes a couple seconds to fold the stand down and carry it out of the vision of non-gamers 


  • The wheel support tube has quick release at the bottom and a full range of motion to accommodate a long limbed gamer sitting in a high upright chair to Mr. Easy-Rider in the lowest of low-slung gaming chairs
  • The top wheel supporting plate can be adjusted to any angle so that the wheel can always remain on plane
  • The large tube at the back of the bottom rails can be quickly adjusted in or out to fit the tallest and the shortest of gamers.
  • The height of the stand can be adjusted with a quick release to the gamers requirements

What's in the box? [everything you need except the wheel/pedals; you provide those]

  • The Stand
  • The bolts/plate you need to attach your wheel and pedals
  • The tools you need to secure your wheel and pedals to our stand
  • Tie-wraps to keep your wiring in line
  • Instructions in English
  • Smile on your face, wait, no you provide that

Where is my wheel!

  • There are no wheel/pedals you really have to provide those
  • Wheels are not included
  • No hay ninguna rueda en el caja
  • Nope, still no wheel


  • We hear you. Still thinking that something so small can not possibly be as good as we [including multiple reviewers and thousands of Wheel Stand Pro customers] claim it to be.
  • It's not a conspiracy; it's actually fairly simple.
  • Strong, very strong construction. Think tank-like.
  • You [the driver] are holding the wheel securely, tight turn ahead
  • Your feet are on the pedals
  • The frame is rock solid
  • So you've got rock solid frame, feet on the pedals hands on the wheels. Your mind is on the awesome graphics of the game. All is good in the world, because if you're thinking about the stand while you are playing the game, you've got the wrong stand
  • Race like a pro, Wheel Stand Pro

Boring Stuff Packaging Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 27 inches x 16 inches x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 15 pounds
  • Out of the box dimensions: The stand is 14 inches wide, 22 inches long and between 18 inches to 28 inches to the top of the plate [the wheel bolts to the top of the plate so your hands will be a few inches taller then this].

Boring Stuff Shipping Details [We ship from Dallas Texas]

  • Canadian Buyers: We ship UPS only to Canada. You are responsible for any customs or duties that Canada may charge
  • International Buyers (Outside the US): We ship ship UPS. You are responsible for any customs or duties your country by charge



Reviews (2)

Gregory Xynides 6th Sep 2015

Solid Product

Do not underestimate the product inside the unassuming and nondescript box. This is one solid piece of hardware that has totally changed for the better my racing experience on my Xbox One. After only a few minutes of game play, the transition from gamepad to steering wheel was natural, and the Wheel Stand Pro performed like a dream. It takes all of the abuse of hard turns, shifting, accelerating, and braking without a single complaint. This thing doesn't budge and stays set up exactly how you configure it. Yet, it easily folds away when you don't need it. Thank you, Wheel Stand Pro! My Forza games love you!

Insane Diego 11th Jun 2015

It's Amazing

I've waited a few years to dip my feet in the Wheel Stand arena and now that I have one I don't know why I waited so long. The Wheel Stand Pro has been around for years and always looked great. It has some competitors now and I looked long and hard at them weighing the cost vs. benefit of each. Ultimately I bought the Wheel Stand Pro for the Thrustmaster. I am absolutely loving it! The back story. I currently have the Logitech DFGT wheel for PS3 and the Thrustmaster T80 for PS4. I needed a stand that would hold both. Plus, I figured at some point I'd pull the trigger on the Thrustmaster T300rs. All of this made for a long thought process in trying to determine if a single stand would cater to all three. The answer is a resounding YES! First I hooked up the T80. I used the table mount because the wheel doesn't have holes for a screw. It was pretty painful to get on but once I did it was a rock. As you know, the T80 pedals have no grip so they slide. Not with the Wheel Stand. They don't move a millimeter! After that adventure I did the same thing with my DFGT. Used the table mount and because of the way the DFGT has their mount it was a piece of cake. Same stand worked for both wheels and pedals in exactly the same way. I then wondered what the extra bracket was in the packaging. I realized that it mounted to my T80. Holy moly! It was spot on and instead of using the table mount, I could now easily screw the wheel to the base. I was in nirvana! Between the PS3 and PS4 wheels I was crushing my old lap times when I just had the wheels mounted to a table. I no longer had to worry about pedal slippage or wheel vibration. I just drove and the wheel and pedals were locked into place. It was easy to get the set into a comfortable position due to the way the stand is configured. If you've ever done any dirt racing with Force Feedback, you know how jarring that can be. Nothing fazed the Wheel Stand. I was so impressed with how it all worked, I found a sale on the T300rs and jumped on it. Now the T300rs is a little beefier than either of the wheels I had so I wondered how it would work. Let me tell you, perfectly! No adapter was needed. The two screws for the wheel were included in the Wheel Stand Pro. I screwed in the wheel to the mount and it is amazing. An absolute kick and joy to drive. One of the best parts of it all is the Wheel Stand is small! I thought it would be much bigger than it is. So it looks great, folds up great, and now I can easily move my wheel from bedroom, to living room, to patio and race whenever and where ever I want knowing that I'm rock solid. Oh, why did I wait so long! If you've been sitting on the fence, get a Wheel Stand. You won't regret it!

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