Wheel Stand Pro CSL DD Racing Steering Wheelstand Compatible With Fanatec CSL/GT DD Pro +GTS CSL Deluxe V2. Wheel and Pedals Not included

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  • CSL Elite wheels (hard-mounted wheel and CSL Elite pedals + load cell brake)
  • CSL wheels (hard-mounted wheel and CSL pedals + load cell brake)
  • GT DD PRO (hard-mounted wheel and CSL pedals + load cell brake)
  • GT2/GT3RS, CSP/CSP V2/V3 (hard-mounted wheel, CSP/CSP V2/V3/CSR pedals)
  • CSR wheels (hard-mounted wheel, CSP/CSP V2/CSR pedals)
  • CSP wheels (hard-mounted wheel, CSP/CSR pedals)


  • Tilt of the steering wheel column 360° STEPLESS adjustable
  • Quick release mechanism for rapid adjustment
  • New V2 design based on DELUXE line makes it sturdier, stronger and more rigid
  • Adjustable for all sizes of players and for every chair and sofa
  • Ready to work out of the box
  • Handcrafted full metal construction for life-time durability and stability
  • High quality anti-sliding rubber feet
  • Precision build for maximum rigidity and stability
  • Easy upgrade for other wheels


All prices are for the stand only. Wheel and pedals not included.

Tested with: FM2, FM3, Forza Motorsport 4,5,6,7, Dirt2, Dirt3, Need For Speed, F2011, Burnout, Grid, Test Drive, PGR3, PGR4


Boring Stuff Packaging Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 27 inches x 16 inches x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 18 pounds
  • Out of the box dimensions: The stand is 16 inches wide, 26 inches long and between 18 inches to 28 inches to the top of the plate [the wheel bolts to the top of the plate so your hands will be a few inches taller then this].

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Reviews (2)

Matt 25th Dec 2020

Wheel Stand pro is Perfect

I have purchased a few different kinds of steering wheel stands over the years but none of them seemed right, they were usually too big, heavy and not easy at all to store even though they say they are. Then I decided to try out the Wheel Stand Pro for my Logitec G29, and it is absolutely perfect. Light, easy to fold almost flat for storage and still very sturdy and solid when in use. I recently upgraded to a Fanatec CSL Elite F1 set so I bought another Wheel Stand Pro and again it is perfect although not as easy to initally set up because its not made for the same exact pedals that come with the f1 set but just a bit of extra 'fiddling' around (not much ta all) and it works great. I just really wish I would have found Wheel Stand Pro first, it would have saved alot of headaches and money. Thats how good Wheel Stand Pro is. No lie

Jack 25th Feb 2020

Fits Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 (CSW), but not ideal for CSL Elite pedals with the third load-cell brake

Although not mentioned in the item's description, the stand fits perfectly for the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 with or without the 20° mounting socket that comes with the wheel base. However, it requires some creativity to mount the CSL pedals (three-pedal set up) and make sure the middle pedal is not hanging in the air. Once everything is tightly mounted, the whole rig is sturdy and steady.

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Additional Info

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