***Wheel Stand Pro COMBO Super Warthog Flight Stand PLUS additional smaller"Joystick pole/plate" Compatible With Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG, Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo and Saitek pedals. Pedals/mouse/ keyboard/throttles not included.

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This is the Super Warthog setup with the additional Joystick attachment pole and plate.

The following lists what hardware mounts to this stand:


- Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG and Saitek Pro Flight Rudder pedals (hard-mounted joystick, dual throttles and feet plate or Saitek Pedals)

- Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 (hard-mounted joystick and throttle)

- Saitek Pro Flight X-55 / X56 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. System  and Pro Flight Rudder pedals (hard-mounted joystick, dual throttles and feet plate or Saitek Pedals)

- Saitek Pro Flight X52 / X52 Pro Control System  and Pro Flight Rudder pedals (hard-mounted joystick, dual throttles and feet plate or Saitek Pedals)

- Saitek Pro Flight X65 and Pro Flight Rudder pedals (hard-mounted joystick, dual throttles and feet plate or Saitek Pedals)

- MFG Crosswind (hard-mounted pedals)

- Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals(mounted with special bands - email us for these bands, they don't come in the standard set-up)


It also fits:

- Logitech G29/G920 Racing Wheel (hard-mounted wheel, pedals and gear shifter support)

- Logitech G25/G27 Racing Wheel (hard-mounted wheel, pedals and gear shifter support)

- Thrustmaster TS-PC RACER (hard-mounted wheel)



  •  The heavy full metal construction supports the most punishing flight combat action by keeping the stand and the yoke stable.
  • The rubber feet combined with the steel tubes make for a smooth flying experience
  • Your rudder pedals are hard mounted [not just resting on the base], so they will not move when you fly [important we think] and they will not fall off and pull the delicate wiring out of your expensive Joystick if your significant other moves the stand [again, important we think]. We provide all the hardware to securely mount both the Joystick and pedal/rudder control assembly.
  • The Joystick comes with imbedded locations that we bolt into
  • At Wheel Stand Pro, the highest priority was to maintain a solid base for flying; our stand is the result


Hey, is that pole in the way?

  • No. The stand was designed so that your legs go on either side of the pole. All flying maneuvers are unobstructed by the pole.


Honey, company is coming!

  • As good as we believe this stand looks, it only takes a couple seconds to fold the stand down and carry it out of the vision of non-gamers.



  • The wheel support tube has quick release at the bottom and a full range of motion to accommodate a long limbed gamer sitting in a high upright chair to Mr. Easy-Flyer in the lowest of low-slung gaming chairs
  • The top yoke supporting plate can be adjusted to any angle so that the yoke can always remain on plane
  • The large tube at the back of the bottom rails can be quickly adjusted in or out to fit the tallest and the shortest of gamers.
  • The height of the stand can be adjusted with a quick release to the gamers requirements

I need help! [Sometimes you just need someone]

  • We have a person to answer your call, her name is Lucy, at 972-861-0140 [you can even text that number]. If she doesn't answer [ cause she is in the warehouse or flying] it's best to leave her a message. She will call back, usually within 15 minutes if it's during normal business hours.
  • We have video instructions on our site, customer have loaded up about a zillion YouTube videos, reviews etc.
  • Did I say we have a real person? I should have said we have a real person who cares.

What's in the box? [everything you need except the HOTAS WARTHOG joystick and the Seitek rudder pedals; you provide those]

  • The Stand
  • The bolts you need to attach your system
  • The tools you need to secure your system to our stand
  • Tie-wraps to keep your wiring in line
  • Instructions in English
  • Smile on your face, wait, no you provide that

Where is my Warthog and/or Saitek System?!

  • There really isn't a Warthog/Saitek System in the box you really have to provide those.
  • All kidding aside, if you are asking a significant other to make a purchase for you, we recommend they give us a call ...we will help.


  • We hear you. Still thinking that something so small can not possibly be as good as we [including multiple reviewers and thousands of Wheel Stand Pro customers] claim it to be.
  • It's not a conspiracy; it's actually fairly simple.
  • Strong, very strong construction. Think tank-like.
  • You [the flyer] are holding the joystick securely, getting ready to dive
  • Your feet are controlling the rudders
  • The frame is rock solid
  • So you've got rock solid frame, feet on the pedals hands on the wheels. Your mind is on the awesome graphics of the game. All is good in the world, because if you're thinking about the stand while you are playing the game you've got the wrong stand
  • Fly like a pro, Wheel Stand Pro

Boring Stuff Packaging Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 28 inches x 17 inches x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 38 pounds
  • Out of the box dimensions: The stand is 16 inches wide each additional arm will add approximately 10 inches to each side, 26 inches long and between 18 inches to 28 inches to the top of the plate [the wheel bolts to the top of the plate so your hands will be a few inches taller then this].

Boring Stuff Shipping Details [We ship from Dallas Texas]

  • Canadian Buyers: We ship UPS only to Canada. You are responsible for any customs or duties that Canada may charge
  • International Buyers (Outside the US): We ship using UPS. You are responsible for any customs or duties your country may charge

Reviews (2)

Bruce 17th Aug 2023

A must buy for flt sim

I've had this for about a week and am very satisfied with the pur hase. I don't know how I ever got along without it. Having the flight controls properly positioned for the the tpye of aircraft I'm flying adds to the realism. The secure mounts add stability and consistency to my flight skills. Assembly was a minor challenge, fairly easily overcome. I highly recommend this stand for anyone using flt Sim or driving apps with realistic controls.

Sean 15th Nov 2021

Solved My Problem

FINALLY solved my problem. I looked at all the sim rigs and this is the only one that solved my problem and as it is advertised doesn't sound like it would. Like a lot of people I have too much gear for SIM's and fly different stuff Heli's - airplanes - Space Elite dangerous. When I played I would pretty much have to decide what I was going to play and then mount the gear. If I had yoke and quadrant setup can't just flip to stick and logi throttle. By the time I was done, I was too tired and too late to play. Depending on what I am playing I would use a combo of these: - Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant - Honeycomb yoke - Virpil stick / base - Mongoos T-50CM2 - Logi x56 throttle - Virpil rudder pedals BUT NOW! with "Wheel Stand Pro COMBO Super Warthog Wheel stand PLUS additional smaller"Joystick pole/plate" https://wheelstandpro.us/wheel-stand-pro-combo-super-warthog-wheel-stand-plus-additional-smallerjoystick-pole-plate-compatible-with-thrustmaster-hotas-warthog-and-saitek-pedals-pedals-mouse-keyboard-throttles-not-included/ - no problem. Everything is mounted and all I have to do is swap stick for yoke. Before I ordered it I wasn't sure if my gear would mount but the honeycombs just mounted using their desk mount hardware (2 mins and easy removal if needed). Even the Virpil pedals just sat on the poles without moving because of Virpils large rubber feet on the bottom. The virpil stick for now is 3m double taped to the small square plate on the extra pole. I have to figure out a more secure way. Next I buy the stand for my Thrustmaster wheel and I just swap stands and flying or driving - Sweet

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