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"Wheel Stand Pro US Home Page | Gaming stands ship same day from Dallas Texas | Change the way you play racing and flying games and simulators | Race like a Pro, Wheel Stand Pro "

"What an amazing stand, this has really improved my gaming experience. Thanks"

The stand works perfectly! Makes a huge difference and folds up to a wife-friendly size. Thanks again for all your assistance, you have been a pleasure to speak to and work with.

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About Us

About wheelstandpro

Thanks for your interest in wheelstandpro.  Yes we are the distributors, but foremost we are fellow gamers, racing enthusiasts, driving simulation fanatics!   We love our racing games, sometimes we're in the mood for the carefree Burn Out series, sometimes we need the gritty realism of the Need for Speed, and Dirt or the authenticity of Forza, Project Cars or Gran Turismo Series.   Don't be shy email us or call us we'd love to talk with you about your simulation wheel stand needs!

You can contact us at (call or text!): 
972-861-0140 (9am -6pm CST M-F)

We are located at:

DALLAS, TX 75243 - We do not allow local pickup


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